Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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– posted 12.04.2009

#16: He’s In Control

A Character story about Trust.

The two weeks in Arizona went far too quickly for the Jensens. It seemed as if they had just arrived and now they were flying back home, tired but happy. Mrs. Jensen had fallen asleep and, after the twins got bored taking turns looking out the window, they began to talk.

"What did you like most at Uncle John's?" Jason asked his sister.

"I liked it all," Julie replied. "I wish we could stay a whole month, or even move there!"

"But what did you like MOST?" Jason insisted.

"Hmmm," Julie thought a few moments. "I really liked the Saguaro cactuses . . . and warm weather all the time. And I like playing with Becky, especially when Teresa wasn't around. What did you like most?"

"That's easy. I liked the visit to the huge telescope on Mount Hopkins. But I also really enjoyed the visit to the Triple C Ranch. It was just like the old west!"

"Yah, I thought you would like that," Julie grinned. "I can tell you my biggest disappointment - that we didn't visit the Grand Canyon."

"And I wanted to see the Petrified Forest, too," Jason confessed. "But we can't see everything the first trip. Maybe we can go again . . . to show off our new baby."

"Yah, maybe. I hope so," Julie sighed, and looked out at the clouds again. She was glad that the height didn't bother her as much now. She quietly thanked the Lord for that.

Mr. Jensen looked up from his book. "Tell me you two, which did you find most interesting: looking forward to seeing Arizona, or actually being there?"

"Oh, I like being there most," Julie responded immediately.

"But it was fun to look forward to," Jason said thoughtfully. "And we visited more places in our plans than we ever saw there."

But it's not the same unless you're really there," Julie retorted.

"Yes," Mr. Jensen chuckled. "You are both right. Your conversation reminded me of this: fun times will always have to come to an end. But when we get to heaven, we will have continual joy being with the Lord. That will be a good time that will never come to an end."

"And I think it will look a lot like this." Julie remarked, glancing out the window again. "The top side of these clouds is even more beautiful than the bottom. They remind me that Jesus said He would come in the clouds."

"He sure will have a mess to clean up when he comes back," Jason commented.

Mr. Jensen looked surprised. "What do you mean, Son?"

"I was watching the news last night on TV. There are so many bad people doing terrible things it seems. Is it always like that?"

"Well, sometimes the news seems worse than other times. But there is always a great deal of wickedness going on."

"But Daddy," Julie said with a puzzled look, "if God is in control, why does He let it all happen? Why doesn't He just kill all the wicked people?"

"That 's good question, Sissy. First, remember that we are all wicked people in God's sight before we receive forgiveness from Christ. Also, if the wicked person receives the Lord as Saviour, he or she is a new creation and his conduct will change.

"And too, I think that God is letting people try to do their best so they can see that no one can have lasting success apart from the Lord. And that goes for bringing peace and righteousness to the world too."

"But when good people get hurt and bad people don't, I wonder sometimes if God is really watching," Julie confessed.

"I understand that," Mr. Jensen said. "But you can be sure that He is in control. It's kind of like this plane. People are free to walk around, read the magazines, eat, sleep, but they are not free to step outside!"

The twins laughed. "The first step would be a killer," Jason jested.

"Right," Mr. Jensen agree, smiling. "People are free within limits to act as they want. But God said in Isaiah 46, 'My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.' It is good to know that God really is in control, and that He will not allow anything to happen that will contradict His Word."

"That's why I'm not afraid on the plane anymore," Julie grinned. "I know that God will guide us safely home so that in September my baby sister can be born!"