Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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– posted 12.04.2009

#33- Teaching Trees!

A Character story about endurance.

It was about a week before Christmas and Jason looked concerned. "Dad," he said one night at supper, "when are we going to get a tree? We usually have it up by now."
"You're right. I guess lots of other things have crowded in this Christmas. But, let me ask you two a question. Every year we bring a cut tree into the house and, of course, the tree withers and dies and soon has to be thrown out. What would you think of getting a live tree this year and then planting it after Christmas?"
The twins both nodded their approval. "Sounds O.K. to me," Julie said. "What kind of a tree were you thinking of?"
"Well, how about getting a maple tree?"
"A maple tree?" Julie protested. "For Christmas? But that wouldn't be the same. It wouldn't even look like a Christmas tree and how would we hang ornaments on a couple of scrawny branches?"
"Yes, that might be a problem. But the tree would have one advantage. Next spring it would grow new leaves and get larger. A cut tree may look prettier for now, but soon it would just wither and die."
Julie and Jason still looked disappointed but didn't complain. That evening when their dad arrived home, he announced that he had gotten a tree. The twins jumped up and scampered into the garage to examine the "strange" Christmas tree.
"Oh, Daddy, it's beautiful! You didn't get a maple tree after all."
Mr. Jensen chuckled. "I was really teasing you about that. I wouldn't want a Christmas without a good old pine tree either."
At the table that evening, Mr. Jensen remarked, "I have to admit, I did want to teach you something in spite of my teasing about the tree. Though the pine tree looks greener and prettier than a potted maple, it will soon pass away. In fact, it really is already dead; its days of beauty are numbered. This about this: sometimes we might think that people who choose to do wrong are the ones who prosper the most. They might even take advantage of those who want to please God. Remember the lesson of the Christmas tree. It may bring joy and the spirit of Christmas for a while, but it is the living tree that will bring lasting blessing to others. As we each choose to do what is right in the coming year, we will have the best opportunity to be a blessing to other people around us."