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The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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#36- Time to Grow

A Character story about patience.

Julie bounced through the back door after school, and met her mom in the kitchen.
"Hi, Mom. Where's Joshua?"
"Hi, Julie. He's in the playpen in the living room. How was school today?"
"Oh, O.K." Julie plopped her books on the table and disappeared into the living room.
"I thought you and Karen were going to get together after school to go over your AWANA sections before the club meeting tonight," Mrs. Jensen called.
"Yeah, we were. But I guess it didn't work out. She didn't seem that interested and I didn't want to push it."
"But we really need both of you to learn the first ten sections before the Bible quizzing. I'm sure you both could do it if you worked hard."
"Yeah, I'm sure I can learn that much by then but I doubt that Karen will." Julie picked up her baby brother and began to coo at him, trying to get him to giggle at her.
"Why do you say that?" Mrs. Jensen asked as she continued to peel potatoes at the sink.
"I guess she just lacks motivation," Julie called back. "It's discouraging sometimes you know. Sometimes I wonder if Karen is really a Christian at all. Well, I know she really is, but she just seems caught up in other things so much. Sometimes she doesn't even read her Bible in a whole week! And last week she could have finished the entrance test, but she hadn't worked on it at all, except what we did together."
"Well, I hope you'll be patient with her. After all . . ." Suddenly Mrs. Jensen was interrupted by a thud and a loud scream from the living room. She dropped the potato and grabbed a towel to wipe her hands as she ran in to see what happened. There, Julie was rocking her screaming brother in her arms, saying, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Joshua. I didn't mean to hurt you. Honest!"
"What in the world happened?" Mrs. Jensen asked as she took the baby and held him on her shoulder, patting him.
Julie hemmed and hawed but finally admitted, "Well, I really thought maybe he might be ready to start walking and I thought I'd give him a lesson, but -"
"Walking?!" Mrs. Jensen replied in astonishment. "Julie, he's only five months old! Most babies don't start walking until they're a year old."
"Really? But I'm just sure Joshua will be walking before that. He seems so smart."
"Smart doesn't have anything to do with it. And in fact, I'll be happy if he doesn't walk early. Once he's standing and walking, I'll have to watch him much more closely. Now please don't try that stunt again."
"I'm sorry, Mom. I really didn't mean to hurt him."
"Of course you didn't. But you just can't rush the process of growing, Dear. God planned certain things to be done at certain ages and that's that." By now Joshua had stopped crying and Mrs. Jensen laid him back into the playpen. Then she put her arm around Julie's shoulder. "You know, Dear, I think you've been trying to rush the growth of two babies."
"Two babies?" Julie questioned. "I don't even know two babies."
"Yes, if you think about it. There was one born last summer at camp, too . . . a spiritual baby."
Oh, you mean Karen."
"Right. You know that when Karen received Jesus as her Saviour, she was born into God's family. God's spiritual babies take time to grow just as Joshua does. Do you think you might be expecting too much of that spiritual baby who is only six months old in the Lord?"
"Well . . . maybe. I guess I've expected her to know as much as I do. I keep forgetting she's a pretty new believer."
"And that's easy to do. But you know, with spiritual babies, you can encourage their growth. It takes patience, though, and the investment of your time, as you were doing with Karen with her Sunday school lesson and AWANA sections. Just don't give up if she doesn't show as much interest as you might like."
"Yah. You're right, Mom. Say, I know! Maybe I could drill her on her memory work for a few minutes on the phone. I'll bet if she knew how much we need her on our Bible quizzing team, she might get excited about learning it with me." Julie picked up the phone and began to dial. "Oh, and thanks a lot, Mom. I'll try to do better at letting babies be babies, at least for the time being."

DID YOU KNOW... *Every year, 14.3 million tons of meteoritic dust settles to the earth. At this rate, after 5 billion years (a guessed age of the earth) we would have dust everywhere 54 feet thick! The amount we do have indicates the earth is much younger.

Science Quiz: (answers below but don't peek)
1) The pacific ocean has fewer storms than the Atlantic. T F
2) Rattlesnakes are poisonous a) when born b) at 3 months of age c) at a year old d) they are not poisonous.
3) An ordinary white oak tree may give off as much as ? gallons of water through its leaves in a single summer day. a) 5 b) 25 c) 125 d) more than 125
4) A goose is always a female. T F

Next time: Guess what the nine most used words in English are.

Answers to the above: 1) T (that is what Pacific means) 2) a 3) d (150 gallons/day!) 4) T (male is called a gander)