Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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– posted 12.04.2009

Chapter One: How it all Began

A Character story about faith.

- Transelthon, A Vanishing Breed

The whole trouble started when Trans got that chemistry set for Christmas. Of course, he was thrilled to death with it, and wanted to make all kinds of interesting things. That wasn't so bad. But when he got to adding various chemicals together in one mixture just to see what would happen, then the trouble began!

When Trans was born, his parents wanted to name him something different. So they each thought of six letters and then lined them up the best they could. Thus he got the name Transelthon X (for nothing) Gringle. Trans' parents did the best they could at rearing the boy to love God and the Bible, and to be a witness to others. When his dad talked about spiritual gifts, Trans wondered in what way he was different from any other twelve year old boy. He did like science and loved to tinker with things. But Trans had to admit that he was somewhat lazy when it came time for really hard studying. Also, he liked to dream a lot, especially about detective work. Far too often his teacher at school would catch him staring out the window while his mind was solving a great crime mystery.

One day Trans was mixing chemicals at random in his basement just to see what new thing he could invent. No one to this day is quite sure just what all was in that concoction. But Trans said later it must have been the bottle without the label that caused the problem. When Trans added that pink liquid and began to stir, he noticed the mixture start to foam and bubble. Trans got so excited that he decided to call his friend Mike and let him see what was happening. But just as Trans stood to exit the basement, the jar of whatever it was exploded, sending shock waves a block away. By the time the smoke had cleared, everyone in the neighbourhood had come running to see what happened. Amazingly, Trans was no worse for ware, except that his clothes were soaked with the concoction, and his face red with embarrassment. He quickly excused himself and bounced upstairs to change. He could feel the chemical on his skin and quickly washed his hands. But though he was soon calmed, his mother was not. Amid his "Aw, Mom, it wasn't really anything," she kept fussing, "What if something serious had happened," while checking his hands and face one more time for injury.

When Mr. Gringle arrived home from work and heard what had happened, he ordered Trans to pack away the chemistry set until he learned how to use it properly. Trans was very disappointed, but obeyed.

Friday night was the most exciting basketball game of the season. The local high school was playing its arch rival, and Trans didn't want to miss a moment of it. Mr. Gringle was gone on a business trip all week but said that Trans could attend the game if he helped his mother. He and Mike were off an hour before the game to get good seats.

Even though they arrived early, the gym was already filled so they climbed to one corner of the bleachers. As predicted, the game was a close one and the home team found themselves one point behind with only 13 seconds to play. The noise was deafening with shouts and screams from both sides of the gym as the clock clicked off the final seconds. A last desperate throw at the basket banged against the backboard and swished through the net. They had won! Trans and Mike stood screaming with excitement at the last second victory.

When the emotion began to die down, and the players were carried off the floor, Mike sighed and said, "Boy, that was a thrill, Trans, where did you go?"

"What do you mean, where'd I go?" Suddenly Mike screamed again, bounced down the bleachers three at a time, and dashed into the exiting crowd and out of sight. "Weird, or what?" Trans said to himself. "I wonder what's wrong with him." Trans glanced at his watch, and froze. His watch was missing. In fact, so was his arm. He looked for his feet, his legs, his stomach. "I can't believe it," he said in a coarse whisper, "I'm completely invisible!"