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The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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– posted 12.04.2009

Questions from Kids (4)

A Character story about diligence.

When people died in the Old Testament, where did they go? 2) If the answer is heaven, then how did they get there?

There are many different opinions about this question. It seems that before Jesus died on the cross, the believers went to paradise, and the unbelievers to hell. When Jesus rose from the dead, He took the believers with Him to heaven. But how could they be saved from sin if Jesus had not died yet? In a sense God forgave them on credit, for God knew that Jesus would one day pay for their sins. The Bible makes it absolutely clear that no one is saved from sin apart from Jesus Christ (read John 14:6).

How can God make maricels?

When God made the world, He set up certain laws, like the law of gravity. A miracle is simply a deed that bypasses one of God's natural laws for a special purpose. It was actually much harder to make the laws in the first place, then to set one aside in the form of a miracle.

How far is heveing?
What does haven look like.
Will you look different when your in Heaven?
What kind of clothes do you wear in heaven?

God tells us very little about heaven. Jesus spoke more often about hell then about heaven. He only told us enough about it to know it is a wonderful place and to make us want to go there. So we are not told how far away heaven is, or what it looks like. We do know what we will wear in heaven. Four times we are told that we will be wearing white robes. (Rev 6:11; 7:9, 13, 14) The robes represent the righteousness of saints.

If God controls us how come he can't stop us from sinning?

God in His wisdom, has chosen to give us the freedom of choice. He could have made us like puppets without a choice but He did not. With the privilege of being able to choose is also the responsibility to make the right choices. This is why God gave us His Word- to tell us what the right choices are. Since we have a choice, when we choose to obey Him, He can reward us for this choice with some type of blessing.

Is there a difference between fallen angels and demons?

The Bible seems to teach that they are the same.

Since God knows everything, did God know that Lucifer was going to become Satan? 2) Could Lucifer have asked for forgiveness? If he asked now? 3) Why doesn't Satan relized that God was more powerful?

Yes, God does know everything. He knows the end from the beginning. (Isaiah 46:10) God does not allow anything to happen that will not ultimately fit into His plan, even though it may be bad right now. As for Satan getting saved, this is not possible. Why? There is no payment for the sins of angels. Jesus took upon Himself flesh and blood and died only for the sins of people. Therefore, angels who rebelled against God cannot be saved. Satan does know that God is more powerful. He knows the Bible so he knows that some day he will be cast into the Lake of Fire. However, Satan wants to do everything he can to thwart God's work and take as many people as he can to hell with him. Furthermore, he still things he will figure out a way to win anyway.

How come God can not control satin?

Who says God doesn't control Satan?! In the book of Job we are told that Satan must come before God and get permission for everything He does. That sounds like control to me!

Since God knew (note: God knows all) Lucifer would turn bad, why did he create him?
Why didn't God destroy Satan immediately when he went against God?

God never promised to explain all His reasons for doing things. He did ask us to trust Him in what He chooses to do. God is so big and wise and good, we can be sure that, when God does something that doesn't seem logical, it is best. Paul tells us in Romans 11:33 "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable [are] his judgments, and his ways past finding out!" But think about this: if we did not have any enemy, then we would not see any need to pray or trust God. Since we have an enemy who is much stronger than any of us, we can only live in obedience to God by trusting in His strength.

If God said, "Thou shall not kill", why did he help David kill and conquer all those people.

There is, in Hebrew, several words for "kill." The word used in Exodus 20 concerning the 6th commandment means "Thou shalt not murder an innocent person." It is not talking about hunting, nor war, nor capital punishment. God designed government as an instrument of His judgment (see Romans 13:1-7). David was the head of an army and God was using Him to judge wicked people who were living in a way that polluted the land. However, this is only the job of government, and not of each one of us. God told us as individuals not to get revenge.

How does Satan tempt us to do things?

We are tempted in three ways: we are tempted to do things God doesn't want us to do, to have things God doesn't want us to have, and to be someone God does not want us to be (especially the boss of our lives). The Bible says that the world and the flesh (sinful desires) also tempt us. Satan will want us to watch bad things on T.V., have friends that will encourage us to do wrong, grumble when we don't get our own way, etc. Because Satan is a defeated foe, he does not HAVE to have his own way when he tempts Christians. Jesus defeated this enemy and when we claim His strength, then we can say 'NO' to the devil.

Why do we have to pray in Jesus name

It is a great privilege to come to our holy God in prayer. We dare not think that we can come "boldly to the throne of grace" because of our own goodness. We can expect God to hear and answer our prayers only because Jesus first paid for our sins. When we pray in Jesus' Name, we are recognising that it is because of His authority that I can come to God in prayer. We are also wanting to be sure that what we ask for in prayer would be the same kinds of things Jesus would ask for if He were in our situation.

Where in the Bible does it say what goes on before and after the rapture?

The word "rapture" refers to a time in the future when God will suddenly change and take believers to heaven. (I Corinthians 15:51-57; I Thessalonians 4:13-18) Since Jesus said that Christians are like salt on the earth (Matthew 5:13), when we are gone, the world will quickly 'rot' and it will be a horrible place to live. The next seven years will be a time of God's judgment on the earth. It is spoken of in Matthew 24-25 and most of the book of Revelation (4-19). The world before and after the rapture is described in passages like II Timothy 3:1-5. Read this and see if it does not describe what we are experiencing in Canada today.

How do you get saved?
Uncle Charlie on Children's Bible Hour says that the way of salvation is as easy as A, B, C: A- admit that you are a sinner. B- believe that Jesus died for your sins. C- confess Jesus as your own Saviour.