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The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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Biographies of Great People

Hudson Taylor- Part 1 - When his mother arrived, Hudson was peeling the melted candles from the inside of his pocket, with large tears rolling down his cheeks.

Peter Cartwright- Backwoods Preacher (5 -finish) - . . . a beautiful, ruddy young lady walked very gracefully up to me, dropped a handsome courtesy, and pleasantly, with winning smiles, invited me out to take a dance with her. I can hardly describe my thoughts or feelings on that occasion. However, in a moment I resolved on a desperate experiment.

Peter Cartwright- Backwoods Preacher (4) - 'He is crazy, and will kill us all this night. Go, husband, and see what is the matter.'

Peter Cartwright- Backwoods Preacher (3) - "General Jackson has come in; General Jackson has come in." I felt a flash of indignation run all over me like an electric shock, and facing about to my congregation, and purposely speaking out audibly, I said, 'Who is General Jackson? If he don't get his soul converted, God will damn him as quick as he would a Guinea negro!'

Peter Cartwright- Backwoods preacher (2) - The flash of the powder was seen by many at the camp; at least the light. When the powder flashed, down fell Sargent; there he lay a good while.

Peter Cartwright- Backwoods Preacher (1) - Then one of my friends, at my request, took hold of my prisoner, and the drunken justice made a pass at me; but I parried the stroke, and seized him by the collar and the hair of the head, and fetching him a sudden jerk forward, brought him to the ground, and jumped on him.

ISAAC NEWTON - Scientist and Christian Part 5 (conclusion) - One day Charles Montague sent a note from the Royal Society. Catherine read it to Isaac. "It is a puzzle the European mathematicians have been unable to solve," she told him. Indeed, the puzzle was so difficult that some worked for over a year on it, but without success.
"Let an Englishman try," Isaac replied.

ISAAC NEWTON- Scientist and Christian Part 4 - "I can't imagine Trinity without you, Dr. Barrow," Isaac remarked. "Who would ever take your place?"
"I have chosen a successor already," Dr. Barrow answered. "I have chosen you to take the job as Lucasian Professor."

ISAAC NEWTON- Scientist and Christian Part 3 - The Black Death (bubonic plague) had been reported in London and was now moving to Cambridge. Ships would set sail and then be seen a few days later wandering aimlessly, the entire crew dead.

Isaac Newton, Scientist and Christian part 2 - But after some months, it was obvious that Isaac was not a good student. "He has a wonderful memory," Dr. Clark told his brother. "He can recite strings of Bible verses like he is reading them. But he is often alone dreaming, like in another world. Most of the other students just leave him alone."

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