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The Jensen Family

"Let us go or the kid gets hurt," shouted another voice. Shivers run up Jason's spine as he suddenly realized that he was the kid!

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#49- The Adventure with the Mysterious Garage Part 5

A Character story about obedience.

REVIEW: Jason and Steve had discovered the hideout of some thieves and had taken the matter of catching them into their own hands. We left Jason held captive in the tunnel connecting the old house with the garage.

Since he had forgotten his watch, Jason quickly lost track of time. The dark, damp tunnel began to make him shiver and he felt like crying. I wonder if anyone will ever find me in time, he thought. Since he couldn't find a switch for the garage elevator, Jason decided to wrap the rope onto his hands behind his back to make it look like he was still tied and just wait it out. Having done this, he sat on the chair praying and thinking of how the men made the elevator work. Suddenly he got an idea. They must have one of those push button transmitters in the car, he said to himself. After all, no one got out to make it operate. Jason was just about to test his new idea when he heard voices again.
"I'll put it in the trunk," came the voice of Shortie who appeared through the door with a box in his arms. He walked past Jason without a word. Through the open door the boy could see the breaker panel for the house. Soon Shortie disappeared once again through the door.
Jason sloughed off the ropes and sneaked over to the car, periodically eying the door. Without a light it was much too dark to see anything and he didn't dare take the chance of making noise opening the door. Then he remembered. The window was open when we came down. Jason felt around until he found the open window and then reached toward the sun visor. Just as he thought he felt a small box, he heard some shouts and ducked down.
"This is the law. Open this door." It was coming from upstairs, Jason decided. They have found me. Thank you, Lord. Now I better get out of here! Blam! A gun went off. Then another shot cracked through the air.
"Let us go or the kid gets hurt," shouted another voice. Shivers run up Jason's spine as he suddenly realized that he was the kid! He huddled next to the car trying to come up with a plan. He wouldn't stand a chance if they came down while the elevator was rising. It was too slow. Suddenly he got another idea to help slow them down. Sneaking to the hall door, Jason gently opened it. No one was in sight. He carefully stepped in front of the breaker box, took one more glance down the tunnel, and flipped one of the breakers. Instantly the tunnel was plunged into total darkness. Then gently closing the door, he felt his way toward the car. Lord, please help me to get out of here and I promise, I will never do anything this stupid again! Honest!
Just as he was about to open the car door, Jason heard the hall door open. "Hey, who turned off the lights? The switch don't work. And where's the kid?"
Jason grabbed for the transmitter and pushed the button.
"Hey, the elevator is goin' up. Come on. The kid is gettin' away. He must have broken them lights so we couldn't see." As the elevator rose slowly -far too slowly for Jason's comfort- he could hear the men shuffling closer and closer. Then the elevator stopped with a jerk and the door swung open, filling the garage with light. Jason jumped out of the car and ran into the arms of a policeman.
Soon it was all over. With no hostage, the crooks quickly gave themselves up. Jason's mom, with Julie at her side, was watching anxiously from a distance. They met each other with open arms and the three sobbed with relief for several minutes.
When Mr. Jensen arrived home on Monday, he could hardly believe all this had happened in the week he was gone.
"So the Wallaces built the elevator in their garage so they didn't have to go outside to get to the house?" he asked.
"Yeah," Jason nodded, feeling a little more heroic after two good nights of sleep. "And to protect their expensive car too. And you know what? The tall crook was one of the people that installed it for them. That's how he knew it was there and what frequency to use on his transmitter. Pretty tricky, eh?"
"Pretty deceitful, I'd say," Mr. Jensen remarked. "Now, Jason, tell me why you were doing all this without telling your mother."
Jason's look of excitement quickly faded and he hung his head. "I-I knew she wouldn't let us do it."
"So then you're saying that you did what you knew we didn't want you to do?"
"Yes, Sir. And while I was in that barrel I kept thinking about the baby wood duck that died because it would not do what its mother said. Believe me, Dad, I learned my lesson. I'm just glad that at least I get another chance to prove it."
"And so are we," Mr. Jensen said with a smile. "God does not ask children to obey their parents so they won't have any fun. He says that to protect them from dangers they would not be able to handle. It's only God's grace that you are alive right now."
"Yah. I asked the Lord to forgive me while I was tied up in the tunnel. Mom, will you forgive me for disobeying what I knew you really wanted?"
"I sure will," Mrs. Jensen grinned, and they hugged again.
"Now Sissy," said Mr. Jensen, turning to Julie, "tell me why you didn't tell mother when you found out what they were up to?"
"I knew I should have, but I had promised not to. I didn't know if I should keep my promise, or try to protect Jason. Finally when he didn't come back, I decided it was better to be a liar than to let Jason be in danger. I couldn't have lived with myself if something happened to him."
"I'm glad you feel that way. Such a promise is not wise to make in the first place, Sissy. You may be asked to cover sin which is never right."
"Well, I'm just glad that we're all here safe," Mrs. Jensen beamed. "What do you say that we celebrate with a prayer of thanksgiving and some ice cream?"
"Great!" Jason said. "And I can buy with some of my part of the reward money."
"Nothing doing," Mr. Jensen announced. "After the Lord's part, that's going into the bank for Bible college. I can see that you'll need all the wisdom you can get!"


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1. How much does a swarm of 50,000 bees weigh?
2. How many bees does it take to produce a pound of honey?
3. How far do they travel to do this and at what speed?



Answer: 1) about 10 pounds! 2) 160,000 3) They usually fly at 15 mph. They would travel a total distance equal to three times around the world! (c. 75,000 miles)