Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

"Well, today is the day many have been waiting for for some time. Do you know why?"
"Today? I wouldn't know," Julie admitted. "Is something happening at church?"
"Lots of things, but that's not it. Give up?"

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#63- Right On Time!

A Character story about punctuality.

When everyone had finished munching on breakfast cereal, and Mrs. Jensen was upstairs getting Joshua ready for church, Mr. Jensen made an announcement to the twins. "Well, today is the day many have been waiting for for some time. Do you know why?"
"Today? I wouldn't know," Julie admitted. "Is something happening at church?"
"Lots of things, but that's not it. Give up?"
Jason didn't give up easily. "March 19th, March 19th, uh. . . I guess it really doesn't ring a bell to me either. Give us a hint."
"Tweet, tweet. There now, come on, you can get it," Mr. Jensen prodded.
"It's almost the first day of spring, isn't it?" Jason asked.
"Yes, but that's not it. Any other guesses?"
"Well, it's almost Easter too, but that's probably not it either," Julie added.
"No, but you're closer. I thought for sure you'd remember because we talked about it last year on this date. Today is the day that the cliff swallows return to San Juan, Capistrano in southern California. How about that!"
Julie scowled at her dad, trying to get the joke. When she saw he wasn't kidding, she remarked, "I do remember something like that. But what's so important about it?"
"Well, you see, this tiny bird migrates south during the winter. Yet, no matter what the winter is like, its return to this small city can be predicted within 24 to 48 hours every year. The timing of this bird's return is so precise that thousands of people make it cause to celebrate. Bird watchers will gather in southern California with their binoculars scanning the skies for the first sight of the swallow. And they are rarely disappointed."
"Wow!" said Jason. "That would be quite a welcome. I wonder if the birds like all the attention."
"I doubt that they even notice," Mr. Jensen continued. "They immediately get busy building a mud house in a tree, on a cliff, or even under a roof overhang. Then they will raise three to six young before going south again."
"Boy," said Jason again, "pretty soon we'll probably be overrun with them."
"Well, they do have enemies. But swallows are the kind of bird that you like to have around. Each one will eat 900 to 1000 insects a day! This also helps farmers, for some of the insects would otherwise eat their crops."
"Daddy, let me guess your lesson about this, OK?"
"OK. What do you think?"
"Well, swallows eat insects when the bugs aren't watching. We have to watch out for Satan because he wants to devour us. That's from a verse I learned this week for AWANA."
"That's pretty good. You must be referring to 1 Peter 5:8. You're sounding more like your father all the time. You have a lesson, Jason?"
"Uh. . . how about, the swallows come back right on time and the Lord is coming right on time too."
"That's good. That's the lesson I gave you last year and I'm glad it's still upstairs," he said, tapping his finger against Jason's head. "I was thinking of yet another lesson. The swallows act in a way that is very predictable. That means, the people watching them will know what to expect of them. That should be true of Christians too, right?"
"Oh, I get it," Julie said. "That's a good one too."
"Jesus said, for example, when we're peacemakers, we will be called the children of God. In other words, we will act in a way that others expect Christians to act. Can either of you give an example?"
"Be honest?" Julie said.
"Kind, too," Jason offered, "and trustworthy."
"Not stealing stuff," Julie added.
"Good. Yet, sometimes Jesus did things that really surprised people. For example, they didn't expect Him to rise from the dead. We need to make sure if we are acting in a surprising way, it's also a way that is according to the Bible."
Just then Mrs. Jensen entered with Joshua all dressed for church. "What's the discussion about?"
"We were talking about ways Christians ought to act," Julie explained.
"Then I have another one," Mrs. Jensen offered. "How about being punctual? We have to leave for church in thirty minutes."
"Don't worry, Mom," Jason said, jumping up. "We'll be just like swallows. We'll be ready on time."
- - - -

1) Horses breathe through their a) noses b) mouths c) both
2) This drink was originally considered to be a cure for almost any ailment. a) tea b) coke c) coffee d) gingerale
3) About one out of _?_ people is left-handed. a) 5 b) 10 c) 20 d) 25
4) A spider is an insect. T F
5) Fish with forked tails are the fastest swimmers. T F




1) a (only) 2) c 3) b 4) F (spiders have 6 legs; insects have 8) 5) T