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"Nick has finally hit, at Garfield, near Washington Park. The unmarked police car is in front ready to take you both. Good luck."

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Chapter Thirteen: A Slippery Foe

A Character story about patience.

Chapter Thirteen: A Slippery Foe

After a tiring day of study at the FBI headquarters, Trans and his dad were ready for bed early. They reread Psalm 27 and turned off the lights by 9:30.
"Beeeep." Trans awoke with a start. After a moment he realized someone was signaling through his wrist radio. He pressed the top button and yelled, "10-4, 10-4, yes, sir, yes, sir!"
"Hey, relax," returned the gravely voice through the tiny speaker. "This is the Inspector. The Captain wanted me to wake you up at 6 so I thought I'd see just how alert you were at this hour. Over."
"Oh, I'm sorry, Sir. I guess I was really tired. Did you hear anything from Nick the Knife yet? Over."
"Nope. Nothing during the night. But make sure you get enough rest, because when he hits, you'll be called at any hour, day or night. Over."
"Yes, Sir. We have been trying to do that."
"See you in the lobby at the usual time. Over and out."
That Tuesday morning, the Gringles read Joshua chapter one. They especially were encouraged by verse nine, 'The Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.' "That's a wonderful promise," Mr. Gringle remarked. "It was true for Joshua, and it is also true for two Christians who are wanting to bring a criminal to justice."
The Gringles ate breakfast but the Inspector just sat at the table and fidgeted with his fingers. In the midst of the meal, Trans asked, "Inspector, do you think someone is in cahoots with Nick?"
"Oh, I doubt it," the Inspector replied. "The FBI screened people pretty carefully."
"I'm sure that's true," Mr. Gringle replied. They sure checked us out before signing us on."
After breakfast Trans and his Father were again taken to FBI headquarters, this time in an official unmarked car because of the cold weather. They both easily passed a review code test and then were grilled on detail about Nick the Knife.
By 4 o'clock, they felt like they knew him personally. Trans was somewhat disappointed that through the last two days, there were no reports of Nick's appearance anywhere.
By Wednesday the days were beginning to become routine. They kept reviewing, and waiting. Trans was getting tired of eating out and missed his Mother's good cooking. That evening the Gringles made their way back to Moody Church for prayer meeting with Inspector Homston, who this time volunteered to be their body guard. In the middle of the Bible study a high pitched squeal told all three of an emergency call and each scrambled to plug in his ear phone. The message was concise. "Report to headquarters immediately."
When they arrived, the Captain greeted them. "Nick has finally hit, at Garfield, near Washington Park. The unmarked police car is in front ready to take you both. Good luck." As the car sped south, Trans winked at his dad and then screamed, turning invisible. When the car finally stopped, Mr. Gringle jumped from the car allowing time for his invisible son to also exit.
In a whisper he said, "Remember Son, the Lord is the strength of my life."
"Thanks, Dad. I need that more than I ever did before." Trans began to walk down the sidewalk, looking for any suspicious characters. He was concerned that his footprints would draw attention to his position.
After five more minutes, another call came. "Agent 153. Go ahead," Trans returned.
"Trans, This is Captain Pickwin. You can come back in. We lost another one. Nick the Knife just hit again, but this time in the Oak Park area. This is on the west part of the city. In other words, we were too late again. Over and out."
Once at headquarters, the Captain said, "I can't figure it out, Gringle. They must know we have Trans working for us. It seems that they knew you were coming and purposely went to an entirely different area almost- almost like a joke. I wonder if someone followed us to the airport when we pick you up Tra- Trans? Are you still here?"
"Y-yes, Sir. I'm right here in the corner."
"Good. Well, you might as well get to bed. Who knows when we will need you next."
The rest of the week passed quickly. The two did a lot of waiting and reviewing of the codes. Nick hit on Friday night and Sunday night (once again causing them to leave church early). Each time Trans was too late to help. After yet another fruitless attempt Monday, both Gringles were very discouraged.
"Dad, I feel bad taking money if I can't be any help to them. I just don't seem to be in the right place at the right time."
"I know what you mean, Son. But God promised to give wisdom to those that ask him. Let's do just that." The two knelt beside the bed and asked God to give them wisdom to know what to do. Trans was asleep quickly after this active but fruitless day.
After a short time, he was suddenly awakened. "Trans!"