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"Wow!" Trans responded. "Do you think someone in the police department is helping him?"
"I'm sure of it. This is where you come in."

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Chapter Twelve:  Down to Business

A Character story about diligence.

Chapter Twelve: Down to Business

The new day began with a phone ring piercing the dark silence of a winter morning. Trans was sound asleep in his own extra large bed and didn't hear it. Mr. Gringle awoke with the second ring and answered. "Hello," he said sleepily, following with a yawn.
"Well, good morning, Mr. Gringle. This is Captain Pickwin speaking. We trust you had a good sleep." Mr. Gringle looked at his watch whose vertical hands indicated exactly 6 A.M. "Yes, sir, we both slept very well."
"Good. The inspector and I want to meet you for breakfast at seven and thought maybe you and Trans would like to get cleaned up a little before that."
Both Gringles quickly got washed and dressed. That morning Mr. Gringle read from Psalm 27 and they both shared their trust that the Lord would be with them. The phrase they both claimed was, "The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?" After a time of prayer, they were in the lobby at 7 o'clock sharp.
"Right on time," the captain greeted them glancing at his very unique digital watch. "I like that. We have a busy day ahead so we'll need a hearty breakfast. Let's go right here," he said, pointing to a lobby restaurant. Though Trans was still full from supper, he managed to eat all his pancakes just the same. Following breakfast, the four walked three blocks to FBI headquarters. First both Trans and Mr. Gringle were sworn to secrecy. Then, both of their pictures were taken and finger prints recorded. After a brief tour of the building, the four met in a secluded room.
"Now, let's get down to business. I know you've been anxious to know just what we're up to and how we plan to use you, Trans, in catching Nick the Knife." The Captain grinned only a moment but Trans caught a cue.
"Oh, yes, Sir. I've always wanted to be a detective. In fact, me and my Dad use to -" but he stopped short when he felt a nudge from his father's elbow. "Uh, my dad is my partner and we just want to do whatever we can to help."
The Captain grinned again. "I know you mean that, my boy. And I'm sure you'll find good use for the money we're paying you."
"Well," Mr. Gringle added, "we'd be glad to help you even without pay. We want to use our abilities to honor the Lord."
The Captain scowled slightly. "Yes, well, now here's the plan. As you know, Nick the Knife has been a very dangerous criminal in the city for some months now. He has robbed people and stores at knife point throughout the city. The amazing thing is that he is able to get by with this using only a knife. No one has yet seen him carrying a gun. Yet he seems to know just what stores have burglar alarms, just what kind they are, and where they are installed. We have sought to develop a pattern of his attacks but there seems to be none. He will hit several times and then lay low for a while. Since he has hit in other states, it is more than just a local problem. He seems to be cued into the whereabouts of the police through a tiny walky talky that many victims have seen. Oh, yes, and he always leaves a fresh cut rose on the floor."
"Wow!" Trans responded. "Do you think someone in the police department is helping him?"
"I'm sure of it. This is where you come in." The Inspector handed Trans an object looking like a large wrist watch. "This is to be worn at all times. No one but the Inspector and I know the frequency of transmission and this must be kept top secret. I will also issue you a similar radio, Mr. Gringle. If Trans gets into a jam, you can contact headquarters for help."
Trans held up the radio. "What are these buttons for on the side?"
"I was just getting to that. The top button on the right side is the push-to-talk switch. The bottom button on the right is used for sending code. If you find yourself in a place where you will not be able to talk at all, you can radio for help via Morse code using this key."
"But Mr. Captain, I don't know any code," Trans admitted.
"Don't worry about that. We are going to spend much of the remainder of today teaching both of you the necessary codes and secret words which you will need. Oh yes, the button on the top left will switch the frequency from the secret one I mentioned to the standard frequency of police radios in the city. This little hole on the bottom left is for an ear phone so no one will hear what is transmitted to you. That should fix you up. After today, you will be ready. The next time Nick the Knife strikes, we hope will be his last."