Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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Transelthon – A Vanishing Breed

Chapter Eighteen:  “It’s All Over” - "Oh, Dad, Dad!" Trans shouted, vaulting over boxes to get to his Father's outstretched arms. He hugged his dad tightly, bursting into tears. By now Transelthon was completely visible.

Chapter Seventeen:  In the Nick of Time - I've got to get to the switch! The boy stumbled desperately over boxes toward the radio gear. Just as he reached it, Nick saw him, grabbed the pistol from the Inspector and aimed it straight at Trans' head. The thundering of the discharging pistol drowned the clack of the unlocking door and in seconds the room was filled with officers.

Chapter Sixteen:  Help? - "This says that the kid is calling in a distress call from this building! He's somewhere right in here listening to every word we say!" The men all began silently scanning the room.
"Oh he is, is he?" Nick sneered. "Well, don't you worry none. There's no way he's gunna get out of here alive."

Chapter Fifteen: The Pieces Start to Fit - "I still say we kidnap both of them and hold his Dad for ransom. Then he'll work for us!"

Chapter Fourteen: Suspicions - Flippen-grizzlesnaps! This is exciting! What do you think we should do?"
"I'm not sure, Son, but let's pray that, if we're right, He would open an opportunity to prove it beyond any doubt."

Chapter Thirteen: A Slippery Foe - "Nick has finally hit, at Garfield, near Washington Park. The unmarked police car is in front ready to take you both. Good luck."

Chapter Twelve:  Down to Business - "Wow!" Trans responded. "Do you think someone in the police department is helping him?"
"I'm sure of it. This is where you come in."

Chapter Eleven:  First Things First - "Now see here," Captain Pickwin interrupted. "We didn't bring this boy all the way to Chicago and pay him $1000 a day for him to spend his time in church."

Chapter Ten:  Off to the Windy City - "Look, Dad," he said nervously as he nodded his head to the left. Mr. Gringle turned in time to see a rather short man wearing a green suit lean against a pillar and begin to read the newspaper. In the man's hat they could clearly see a green feather.

Chapter nine: The Phone Call - "It's long distance for you, Trans. The man says it's top secret!"
Trans froze. "F-for me? What will I say, Dad? I don't know anything top secret."

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