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The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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#40- A Better View

A Character story about diligence.

Jason wandered into the living room one spring evening where his dad was reading the paper. "Dad? Can I ask you something?"
"Oh, hi, Jason. What's on your mind?" Mr. Jensen asked as he put down the paper.
"Well, some of us guys were talking at recess today, and we were kind of discussing what we're going to be when we grow up. But when the guys asked me, I didn't know what to say. How do you know what you should be when you grow up? Like, I want to do what the Lord wants, but how do you know what that is?"
Mr. Jensen smiled. "Now that's a good question, Son. Sounds like you're doing some thinking. And I'm really glad that above all you want to please the Lord with your life. Now, to answer your question, tell me first, what are some things you're interested in?"
Jason thought a minute. "Well, I like hockey a lot, and . . . and, I like to build things, like models and stuff. But I couldn't do that for a living."
"No, probably not, but here's why I'm asking you this: when God made us, He gave each of us certain abilities and talents and He also made sure that there were other things that we are not particularly good at. God's design for us is often related to those interests and abilities we have. But I hasten to add that some of the things I thought I could never do when I was your age were things I really enjoy doing now, like, say, getting up in front of a group and teaching a Sunday school class."
"So what do I do then, just wait and see what happens?"
"No . . . uh . . . just a minute," Mr. Jensen said, glancing at his watch, "let me turn on the weather report and I'm show you something."
"I'll do it," Jason offered, jumping up and flipping the switch on the television.
When the report finished, Mr. Jensen turned off the TV again and sat down by Jason. "Well, looks like tomorrow is going to be a rainy day. So how is that going to affect your plans?"
"I guess we won't be able to play ball at recess for one thing."
"Yes, and it looks like you should plan to wear your rain coat and carry the umbrella tomorrow. And maybe I should plan to leave a little early for work in case the slippery roads slow down the traffic."
"And maybe Mrs. Honeycut will give us a ride home from school. She picks up Cindy when it's rainy and usually offers us a ride, too."
"Well, there," Mr. Jensen said with a grin. "You have answered your own question, haven't you?"
"Question? What question?"
"The question you asked earlier about knowing what to do when you grow up and should you just wait and see. I think you just answered it yourself."
"I did?" Jason responded in bewilderment.
"Yes, in a way. Tell me, Son, since the sky is clear right now, how does the weatherman know that it's going to rain tomorrow?"
"That's easy. They have a satellite picture and they can tell which way the clouds are moving. We learned that in science just a few weeks ago."
"Good. I'm glad you remembered so well. In other words, the weatherman sees what's happening on earth from a higher view and can tell us what to watch for?"
"Yeah, I think that's right."
"So tell me, what difference does it make when they tell you what to expect?"
"Well, we can plan ahead I guess, like we were talking about."
"Exactly right. Now Jason, who has a better view of what is happening on earth than even the satellites?"
"You mean the astronauts?"
"No. Try again."
"Oh, you mean God then, right?"
"Right. Now, since God knows what is going to happen because He plans it, and He has a perfect will for your life, and since God gives hints of this through talents, interests, and opportunities you have, then you too can prepare yourself for the future."
"Oh, I get what you're saying. But, like how, though?" Jason asked.
"Mainly by doing your very best in school, in sports, in developing your ability in music, or whatever. And even if these are not areas you will do for a living, I found that anything we develop and dedicate to the Lord, He can use. So just be as prepared as you can. Remember, the carpenter with the most skill at the most tools is the one who is most useful. So the boy or girl who prepares himself or herself in every possible way will be most useful to God, when these abilities are given totally to Him."
Jason grinned at his dad. "So I don't need to worry so much what I will be, but just get as prepared as possible to go any way God directs when the time comes, right?"
"Right you are. And speaking of being prepared, let's go check those basement windows. I'd hate to have that promised rain flood into the basement!"

SCIENCE QUIZ (true or false)
1. There are at least 11 different species of Palm Trees.
2. There are over 2000 different varieties of shrimp.
3. There are about 100 species of hawks.
4. In the world, about 106 boys are born for every 100 girls.
5. A bird has more vertebrae in its neck than a giraffe.
6. A grasshopper's sense of hearing is centered in its front knees.
7. If your mouth is completely dry, you would not be able to taste anything.

Answers-All true. 5. A giraffe has 7 and a bird has 14!