Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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– posted 12.04.2009

Chapter four: Trick or Tweek?

A Character story about discernment.

Trans moseyed down the hall of his school and slipped through the door behind Mike. The two had planned to impress the class with some real magic tricks during the short time Trans was able to make himself invisible. The fact that whatever he touched also turned invisible had too many delightful possibilities for the boys to pass up.
Their teacher Miss Sanders called for attention and told the class that Mike and Trans wanted to share a few tricks with the class. Then turning she asked, "Is Trans feeling well enough to help you? We could wait until later when he's feeling better."
"N- no. That's fine. I- I think he- he'll still be able to h- help," Mike stammered. Just then Trans gave him a teasing jab in the ribs and Mike jumped, shouting, "Stop it!". The class laughed and Miss Sanders frowned. "Anyway," Mike continued, gaining his composure, "We, er I mean, I would like to start by making this rubber ball disappear. I will begin to bounce it behind Miss Sanders' desk here and then suddenly on the third bounce, it will disappear. Watch carefully." Mike bounced the ball twice and caught it. The third time he hit Trans on the head and the ball rolled across the floor to the howls the class. Mike chased after the ball and again bounced it behind the desk. This time it didn't come up and the class clapped briefly, with several claiming they knew how that one was done.
"My next trick will be even more spectacular," Mike claimed.
"I will pour water from this pitcher and before your very eyes it will disappear into thin air. Watch carefully." Mike held up the pitcher and began to pour. As the water splashed to the floor, the class howled again, and Miss Sanders said that would be enough and get some paper towels and wipe the floor. Mike apologized, begging his teacher to let him try the trick once more when he got the floor wiped. He grabbed the towels and dropped to his knees to begin wiping. "What'd you do that for?" Mike whispered softly, making as much noise with the wiping as he could.
"You were standing right in front of the bag with the glass in it," Trans retorted. "I got it now. Try it again."
Mike jumped up, and before Miss Sanders agreed, Mike announced, "I think I found the problem with this one. Now watch carefully." He took the pitcher and began to pour our more water. This time the water vanished after a short fall, and Mike was so pleased with their incredulous looks that he just kept pouring until Trans stamped on his foot. This time no applause accompanied the stunned looks and Mike could see they were really impressing them now. "For my third trick-"
"I- I think that will be all for today, Mike. Th- thank you," Miss Sanders interrupted. "Please put your tricks in your locker. Will everyone please take out their bath mook, her I mean, math book."
Once in the hall Trans said, "Well, I guess it worked, huh? I mean, I could see the dropped jaws. It was awesome."
"Yah, it worked. I think it worked too well. Miss Sanders is really shook up by that last one. But I got a real puzzle for you? How are you going to become visible again? You can't go to sleep in the middle of the hall."
"Flippen-grizzlesnaps! I never thought of that. Look, I'll think of something. Just tell her, uh, tell her I'll be back to class shortly, I hope.
That night Trans sat at the table, nervously trying to explain the day to his father. "Th- then when we were done with the tricks, I realized I hadn't made any plans for how I would turn visible again. I was going to lie down in the teacher's lounge but I knew I wasn't allowed in there. Someone was in the nurse's room. I kept almost bumping into people so finally I didn't have any choice but to come home."
"And what did you want your mother to tell the school when they reported you missing? It's a serious offense to leave the school without telling anyone. You had them ready to call the police. I'm very upset with you, Transelthon. You have used this ability very selfishly, very foolishly, and have upset many others as well. There was nothing pleasing to the Lord in anything you did. All you were doing is feeding your pride to impress the rest of the class. Well, you impressed them all right. And now how are we going to explain this without lying? If we make this ability public, do you realize you could be in great danger? Someone could hold you or one of us for ransom while they forced you to use this ability for their evil plans."
Trans sat stunned. "I- I never thought of that. Do you really think- I mean- Oh, Dad, I'll never turn invisible again! I'll tie a gag on my mouth so I can't shout. I promise!"