Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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– posted 12.04.2009

Chapter Two: For Better or for Worse

A Character story about self-control.

"What could have caused this?!" Trans gasped as he tried to see himself in the vacating gym. To his shock, he was completely invisible. He thought back to the events of the past few days until he came to the explosion with his chemistry set. "That's it!" he told himself. "It must be those chemicals that caused me to turn invisible." But this conclusion did little to comfort him in his dilemma. He slipped out of the gym, avoiding people as much as possible and began the two mile hike home alone.
As Trans shuffled along, he remembered his father's words. "Always be thankful for everything that God brings into your life," he had said. "When you are thankful, you can better see God's purposes." Trans tried to think of something good about being invisible for the rest of his life. "Well, I probably won't have any friends, but at least no muggers will get me," he finally said aloud.
As he arrived home, Trans faced his next dilemma. How was he going to get into the house and explain all this to his mom without giving her a heart attack? He tried writing a note, but the pencil disappeared, and, for that matter, so did the paper. Finally he just rang the bell. Soon the porch light went on and Mrs. Gringle opened the door a crack, then closed it quickly. Trans rang the bell again. This time when she opened the door, Trans called, "Mom, this is Trans. Let me in."
"Transelthon? Is that you?"
"Yes, Mom. But before I come in, I have something to tell you. I- I had an accident. I- I'm invisible."
After a short silence, Trans' Mom answered, "Transelthon X Gringle, you quit this fooling around. Come in here this instant."
"I'm trying but you have the door locked. But, honest, I'm telling the truth. I'm invisible. I think it was that chemical on my skin. Please believe me," he said with pleading tone.
Finally after several more pleadings, she reluctantly opened the door and Trans slipped past her into the living room. "I- I'll keep my mittens on, Mom. Everything I touch turns invisible too."
When his coat suddenly appeared in a pile at the end of the couch, Mrs. Gringle began to realize what he was saying was true. Trans told her the events of the evening, trying to figure out what he did to activate the chemical. But when no answers were coming, they both decided to call it a day, and try again on Saturday.
After a fretful night, Trans awoke with a start, remembering all the problems before him. He shuffled sleepily into the bathroom to wash his face. As he lathered the washcloth and began soaping, it suddenly dawned on him. He could see his face! He glanced down at his hands, his feet. He was completely visible! "Flippin-grizzlesnaps!" he shouted, bounding down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Mom, guess what! I'm visible again!" They embraced with a sigh of relief.
ยก"I'm certainly glad that's over with," his mother said, wiping soap from her shoulder. "You really had me scared last night."
"Me too," Trans echoed, and skipped back up the stairs, glad for the first time to be just an ordinary boy.
After breakfast and chores, Trans headed over to Mike's to try to explain to him the events at the game. Mike was shoveling the driveway when he arrived and Trans could see he hadn't slept well. Maybe it would be best to just drop it for now, Trans told himself. After all, since it's over with, why upset anyone any more than necessary? Mike quickly finished the shoveling and suggested they build forts and have a snowball fight. "A direct hit means you lose that round," the both agreed. Shortly they were each building an arsenal of snowballs behind their own snow wall. "Go!" shouted Mike and the snowballs began flying back and forth. Mike lobbed one just over the edge of Trans' fortress, exactly where he thought Trans was standing. "I got you!" Mike yelled.
"You did not," Trans yelled back.
"Did so," Mike returned.
"Look," Trans said, cocking his arm for a hit of his own, "there's no snow-" but Mike didn't wait for him to finish. Wide eyed, the boy screamed and dashed into the house, slamming the door behind him. Trans looked up and saw only a showball waving in the air like a spider on a string. He had turned invisible again!