Excerpt from
The Jensen Family

Probably he got caught in a steel trap like this one over here," their dad said, pointing to an exhibit in the next case.
"But how could he get free from that?" Julie asked.

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– posted 12.04.2009

Good Ol’ Sam

A Character story about love.

"Hey, Sam, Look out!" Sam turned just in time to see an egg spatter against his new coat.
"What's the big idea?" he snared at the three boys laughing.
"Just trying to add a different color to that black face of yours," Laverne, the biggest one answered as they sauntered away.
What a bunch of thugs, Sam thought, wiping his coat with his handkerchief. I wish we had never moved to this city. They can talk about neighborly love all they want, but no one wants a black family moving in next door.
That night, while his mother washed his coat, Sam couldn't hide his feelings. "I hate those guys. They're nothin' but bullies. I'd fight 'um one at a time if they'd give me a chance."
"And what would that prove?" his mother asked. "Don't you know what the Bible says? It says in Romans 12 that we are to overcome evil with good. That means you do them so much good that they can't stand doing bad to you."
"Aw, that'd never work. They'd just think I'm a sissy."
"Don't be a tellin' me it wouldn't work without tryin' it. God's ways may not always seem to make sense, but they are always right. Now, while that coat is dryin', you can get washed up for supper."
Sam thought about his mother's words as he went to sleep that night. It didn't make much sense for sure, but it did seem to be what God said to do.
After gym class the next day, Sam was picking up his clothes when he spied a wallet on the locker room floor. He picked it up and searched it for a name. Wow! he thought. This thing is packed with money. There must be over $500 in it! And it's Laverne's wallet. It'd serve him right if I just kept it. Naw. On second thought, this is my chance to show him some good for his meanness. I'll see if momma is right or not.
Sam walked down the hall searching for Laverne and found him leaning against a locker talking to one of the most popular girls in the school. "Hey, Laverne, I got something for you," Sam interrupted.
Laverne turned around and stared down at him. "Well, if it isn't the little chocolate boy himself. What do you want, Hershey bar?"
"I-I found this wallet in the locker room. It had your name in it and I knew-"
Laverne snatched the wallet from his hand. "What're you doing with my wallet, you little thief? How much money did you steal out it?" Laverne grabbed Sam by the shirt collar and started to shake him.
"Get your hands off me. I didn't steal anything," Sam managed to spit out.
Finally, when Laverne decided he had impressed the girls enough, he let Sam go. "And you'd better not. If one dime is missing from it, I'll know right off who's gunna pay, chocolate boy. I need every cent of this money to buy myself a motorcycle to ride this little lady around town." The pretty girl giggled and blushed.
I'll know who NOT to ask advice of next time, Sam told himself as he neared home after school. Imagine, trying to stop someone from doing bad by doing good. What a bunch of- But just then he heard something from the ditch by the road. Scaling the steep embankment to get a better look, he pushed through the brush. "Laverne! What happened? What're you doin' here?"
"Oh," the big boy groaned. "I'm hurt. Someone help. I think I have a busted leg."
"Just lie still a few minutes," Sam answered, covering him with his own coat. "My house is just a block away. I'll call an ambulance and get some blankets." Before Laverne could answer, Sam was out of the ditch and dashing toward home. In no time he returned with a can of pop and some blankets. "The ambulance is on the way. In the mean time, I'd better not move you. You remember what they told us in the first aid class," he said with a smile. "How about something to drink. Here, I'll help you sit up."
A short time later Sam was riding to the hospital in the back of the ambulance, talking with Laverne.
"So what happened, man? How'd you get into that ditch anyway?"
"Somebody seen that wad of dough I was flashin' around. They hit me from behind and next think I knew, I woke up in the ditch. When I get my hands on the guy who done it though, I'll-" Just then he winced in pain and screamed out.
"Take it easy, man. You're not gettin' anyone in the shape you're in." A short pause followed.
"What did ya do it for?" Laverne asked in a rough whisper.
"Do what?"
"All this. I ain't exactly been the welcome wagon. So why'd ya do this for me anyway?"
"Oh, just a little experiment, I guess," Sam replied. "My mom told me . . . aw, never mind. I'll tell you some other time."
"Well, whatever all that means, I owe you a big thanks."
Sam smiled. "I'll be around to visit you 'til you get well. I want to see if your mom is as smart as mine!"

Read Luke 10:25-37 and see if you think Sam had the right name. And while you're at it, why not try this little experiment yourself.