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"Look, Dad," he said nervously as he nodded his head to the left. Mr. Gringle turned in time to see a rather short man wearing a green suit lean against a pillar and begin to read the newspaper. In the man's hat they could clearly see a green feather.

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Chapter Ten:  Off to the Windy City

A Character story about trust.

Chapter Ten: Off to the Windy City

Transelthon was effervescent as he hung up the phone and bounded across the room. "Just think, Mom! I'm going to be a detective! Wow, me, Transelthon X. Gringle, a real FBI agent. Hey, Dad, do you think I should get one of those top coats with the belt?"
Mr. Gringle laughed. "This is exciting news, Trans, but let's not get things out of order. First, remember that we asked God for an opportunity to use this unusual ability for Him and now it seems it has come. So let's thank the Lord for this answer to prayer. And about the garb, remember, you are hired not for what you look like, but for what you don't look like."
The next morning at breakfast Trans was as excited as ever. "I can hardly wait for 1:10. Is it going to be exciting! I get to ride on an airplane! Do you think I could at least tell Mike and Miss Sanders? After all, we do need people praying for us."
"It would seem all right except that you promised to keep this top secret. You can just tell them you will especially need their prayers during this week."
Mrs. Gringle grabbed her Bible. "I have a special verse for both of you this morning. It is found in Psalm 50:15, 'Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.' I just feel you will need this promise while you're away, and I'm trusting the Lord to keep you both safe."
When 1:10 came that afternoon, Mrs. Gringle had already promised her prayers and given her parting kisses, and the two boarded the plane ready to take off. The tickets for first class seats had been where they were promised and the plane was right on time. Trans sat next to the window vainly waving a last good-bye to his mom as the plane taxied to the runway. How exciting it was for him to pierce the clouds in this, his first plane ride! Trans didn't want to take too much time eating a snack for fear of missing some sight. The thread-like roads and miniature cars made him laugh, and the tops of the puffy clouds reminded him of what heaven might look like.
As the plane neared Chicago, Trans grew more nervous. What a relief it was to have his dad by his side. The two quickly exited the plane and retrieved their suitcases. Once in hand, they stepped to one side to wait. In a few moments, Trans stiffened.
"Look, Dad," he said nervously as he nodded his head to the left. Mr. Gringle turned in time to see a rather short man wearing a green suit lean against a pillar and begin to read the newspaper. In the man's hat they could clearly see a green feather. Mr. Gringle grabbed the two suitcases and walked slowly toward him.
"Excuse me, Sir, but do you know the way to the taxis?" The man stopped reading and looked up.
"Oh, sure," replied a gravely voice. "Just go north. Come on. I'll show you."
The man, folding his paper in half once and tucking it under his arm, walked briskly toward the escalators. No more words were exchanged as the three walked single file and then ascended to the second floor. Trans could feel his heart pounding loudly and the sweat form on his brow. He tried to remember the verse his mother had shared but couldn't. The stranger stepped from the escalator at the top and walked boldly through the automatic doors to the drive-through area where a black car awaited them. The two slipped into the back seat, followed by the gravely voiced man. Two men were already seated in the front.
"Hi. My name is Captain Dick Pickwin and this is Lieutenant Lace Friget," he said, gesturing toward the driver, who nodded, started the car, and began to drive away. "The man who escorted you to the car is Inspector Homston," continued the Captain. "You are Mr. Gringle, are you not?" Trans immediately recognized the voice as that which he heard over the phone the evening before. Mr. Gringle nodded and smiled but then noticed that the Captain had addressed Trans. He nudged his son gently.
"Y-yes, S-sir. My name is Transelthon X. Gringle, and this is my father," Trans replied.
"It's a pleasure to meet both of you. This 'Nick the Knife' has been a sneaky character and I think you are the missing link we have needed to solve this case. We have done some investigation about you and are pleased to find you are a very honest young man from a fine home." Mr. Gringle smiled but Trans felt nervous. If they know all about me, I wonder if they found out some of the mean tricks we used to play on Miss Sanders, he thought.
"I-I know I haven't always done my best in everything, but I promise I will do the best I can to help you catch this crook." Trans glanced up to see his father's smile of approval.